Students’ feedback on the teaching and translation service provided by Natasha Mayhew.

“Hello, I’m Hyuncheol Oh (오현철) from South Korea and my English name is Cody.

I work as a manager at a public corporation in South Korea now.
Last year, I lived in Reading in England and majored in public policy at the graduate school of Reading University.

I wanted to improve my English and looked for a English teacher.
A friend of mine introduced Tasha to me. I was lucky.
I have been taking Tasha’s English class since last fall.
It’s already been over a year.

There are many English teachers in Korea, but it is easy to tell you the reason why I still take her English class. She is the most sincere and talented English teacher I have ever met.

Every class is well prepared and she is passionate about class every time. She teaches me what I wanted to learn and know. And above all, she is kind and friendly.

If you learn English from her, you won’t regret it and your English will be improved faster and better than you expect.
I strongly guarantee it.”

Hyuncheol Oh



Public Corporation Manager

“You are a talented teacher.
I really appreciate your help and teaching.
I value your classes highly and love them a lot.”

Eunhee Lee


English Teacher


“Natasha has recently translated a 30-page academic article from Italian to English for me.

Though not a specialist in the subject matter herself, she brilliantly navigated the very subject-specific language and created a coherent and accurate translation, which always conveyed the information clearly, while staying faithful to the original Italian.

The understanding her translation allowed me to have meant that I could feature this article prominently in my PhD chapter.

The translation was also so well presented that I could easily quote the Italian, knowing which parts related to the English. I would definitely recommend her translation services!”

Amelie Von Kuhlberg,

Doctoral Student and Classics Teacher


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