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Lesson Policies

  • Please be aware that if you ask to reschedule a lesson and you are in a group tuition setting, I may not be able to reschedule that particular lesson. However, I will send you the teaching materials and any presentation that we may cover.

  • If you are in a 1 to 1 tuition setting and if you give notice of cancellation more than 12 hours before the lesson, I will seek to reschedule the lesson to another day or time. If you cancel the lesson within 12 hours of the lesson’s starting time, the lesson will be lost without refund.

  • If I give you more than 12 hours notice of cancellation, we can reschedule the lesson at a mutually agreed date.

  • If I cancel within 12 hours of the lesson’s starting time, I will refund the lesson in full. Alternatively, I will just add an extra lesson at the end of the lesson cycle (e.g. 1 extra lesson at the end of either the 5 or 10 lessons).


Pricing for lessons:

Β£12.50 per hour, for the first 10 lessons
(50% discount)
After this, the pricing will be the standard rate:
Β£25 per hour, for 1 lesson

How to transfer:

Payment needs to occur before the lessons, not after, via bank transfer (details to be communicated as requested).
In order to avoid unnecessary commission at your bank,
I recommend paying for 10 lessons at a time.

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