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Post 3: Common expressions

Common Expressions Post 3 English Level: Advanced   This week we have a video to show conversational English. In the video, I am speaking at the pace of a native speaker. Pause and repeat the sentences aloud as many times as you would like. It is good to get used to the speed. Imitate the […]

Post 2: How to use quantifiers Part 2

How to use quantifiers Post 2 This is a continuation of post 1 click here to see post 1 Continue reading this page for post 2 corrections and examples Corrections and more examples Tone Exceptions to the rule English Level: Contents of this post: Upper intermediate and above Corrections and more example sentences see how […]

Post 1: How to use quantifiers

How to use quantifiers Post 1 English Level: Intermediate and above Contents of this post: Explanations Examples What are quantifiers? some, much, many, a lot, lots of, few, little Common mistake: Using a quantifier with an incorrect type of noun. English language learners sometimes misuse quantifiers.To sound like a native speaker of English, you must […]